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@International Exchange with Bahcesehir University in Turkey@

Department of Architecture
Inter Cultural Studies of Architecture (ICSA) in Japan 2012
June 26 - August 3

Based on the general exchange agreement between Mukogawa Womenfs University (MWU) and Bahcesehir University (BU), Turkey signed in December 2008, students and faculty staffs from the Faculty of Architectural and Design of BU visited MWU for the period of June 26 - August 3, 2012. Eight students from BU worked on gTheme 3: Design for the station which allows to lead a large crowd safely and comfortablyh in the curriculum gArchitectural Design Studio IIIh for the third grader of the faculty of architecture in the proprietary studio for 3rd year students. They created miniature models and technical drawings and made presentations at reviewing session just in the same manner as our regular studentsf. They presented unique works different from our studentsf.

Both the Japanese and the Turkish students realized and appreciated each other the differences in ideas or styles between different cultures. Turkish students also participated in espatial representation practicef course for freshmen where they have had occasions of learning about traditional culture of Japan through the tasks such as ikebana (flower arrangement) with the guidance of Mr. Ryuho Sasaoka, head of Misho School Sasaoka, or woodworking under the tutorship of Mr. Sadahide Kanda, a master carpenter from Hyogo prefecture. On Saturdays, they joined the field work to visit Japanese cities and towns and their architectures such as funaya (literally eboat housef) at Ine, Kyoto; ama-no-hashidate (sandbar) of Miyazu, Kyoto; Itsukushima Shrine* in Miyajima, Hiroshima, Nishi Hongwanji*,Kyoto, Himeji Castle*, Hyogo and Jodo-do of Jodo-ji temple, Hyogo. (*: UNESCO world heritage)

At the reception: Turkish students as one-by-one introducing themselves in Japanese Graduate students as offering words of welcome in Turkish
Talks with Chancellor Ryo Okawara and President Naosuke Itoigawa Commemorative photograph
Paying a courtesy call on Mayor Kono of Nishinomiya City Paying a courtesy call on Mayor Yata of Kobe City
Students at work Students at work
Students at jury Students at jury
Ikebana class by part-time lecturer Mr. Ryuho Sasaoka, head of Misho School Sasaoka Wood work experience of creation of rice paddle and chopsticks in the class by part-time lecturer Mr. Sadahide Kanda.
Visit to Ama-no-hashidate (sand bar), Miyazu, Kyoto Prefecture Visit to Itsukushima Shrine, Miyajima, Hiroshima Prefecture
Visit to the site of restoration work at Himeji Castle, Hyogo Prefecture. The donjon roof is under renovation. Visit to Jodo-do hall of Jodo-ji temple, Hyogo Prefecture
At the farewell party, students from Bacesehir University as one-by-one saying words of gratitude for their counterparts in Mukogawa Womenfs University Commemorative photo taking after the farewell party
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