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The tenth generation students entered the Department of Architecture!!

April 3, 2015
1:30 PM - 6:00 PM

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Group photo at the West Hall in the Koshien Hall

An entrance ceremony of Mukogawa Women's University in 2015 fiscal year was carried out at the Koue Memorial Auditorium for new students. They are tenth memorial students entering the Department of Architecture. The students moved to the Kami-Koshien campus, to take part in an entrance ceremony of the Department of Architecture held at the West Hall in the Koshien Kaikan. First of all, Prof. Okazaki, the Dean of the Department of Architecture, handed to student ID cards and insignias to each student. Then they took a short tour of the Koshien Kaikan and the architectural design studio. After that Prof. Okazaki lectured about "Education for the Department of Architecture" and the program of this department consistent with the UNESCO-UIA Validation Committee for Architectural Education. Finally, the group photo was taken.

Let's study together.

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Prof. Okazaki gave ID cards and insignias to each student.
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Tour at the architecture design studio
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Lecture on "Education of Department of Architecture" by Prof. Okazaki, dean of the department.
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