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Fundamental Design Studio
Wide-ranging subjects from gWoodworkh and gPotteryh to gIkebanah. Power of gputting onefs artistic mind into formsh is cultivated here through various practices.
gBasic/Applied space representationh are the core subjects for freshmen at the architectural department. These subjects emphasize the development of studentfs expression of gBeautyh, one of the three elements of the architecture gStrengthh, gUtilityh and gBeautyh, as it requires him (her) to face his(her) inner self. Various assignments including gWoodworkh, gPotteryh, gIkebanah, gMosaich, gFrescoh and gTemperah totals about 20, which are practiced in the annual 56 periods (twice a week, or, 28 per semester). A piece of work for an assignment is worked out in about a week, and each student exhibits his (her) piece, an embodiment of his (her) mind, to receive comment on it. Finishing a piece in a limited time after the trial-and-error process, and learning about the properties of specific materials and thus stimulating his (her) sensibility, student develops ability to solve the problems and create formative arts. At the end of a yearfs study, each student has grown to be able to draw a design for a small architectural space.
"Fundamental Design Studio" in Atelier 1
Practice using Paper
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Woodwork Ikebana
Sketch Mosaic
A space once occupied by the kitchen and the machine room was remodeled into a spacious atelier removing some of the conventional walls. The atelier is mainly used as a seminar room for gFundamental Design Studioh for freshmen of the architectural department, where various arts using paper and figurative arts such as woodwork, ikebana and drawing are practiced.
"Fundamental Design Studio" in Atelier 2
Ceramic art
Roof tile production Fresco
Alike the atelier No.1, this space was created as an atelier removing some of the conventional walls.This atelier is mainly used as a seminar room for gFundamental Design Studio" for freshmen of the architectural department. To be specific, figurative arts such as ceramic art or roof tile production and fresco painting are practiced.