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Topics and News
◆Welcome party for Bahcesehir University's students and teachers! June 28, 2016
◆iaSU2016: Call for Papers July 16-18, 2016
◆MWU Graduate-school entrance ceremony in September was held and two students from Turkey entered the architectural major. September 15, 2015
◆Dr. Hejazi, Mehrdad, Associate Professor at University of Isfahan, visited Kami-koshien campus and attended final presentations by graduate students. July 27, 2015
◆Integrated Architectural Design Studio I: Darkness, Light and Space
 大学院建築学専攻修士課程1年生建築設計総合演習I 大学院建築学専攻修士課程1年生建築設計総合演習I
◆3rd International Conference on Archi-Cultural Interactions through the Silk Road at Bahcesehir University, Turkey/March 25 -27, 2015
HANSHIN RAILWAY Naruo Station Project Site
 Bamiyan Museum
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