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Dr. Hejazi, Mehrdad, Associate Professor at University of Isfahan, visited Kami-koshien campus and attended final presentations by graduate students.

July 27, 2015

Dr. Hejazi, Mehrdad, Associate Professor of Civil Engineering at University of Isfahan, which is located in Isfahan, old capital of Iran similar to Kyoto in Japan, visited Kami-koshien campus in Mukogawa Womenfs University (MWU) on July 27, 2015. He visited the campus last September, and this summer again, visits Japan to conduct comparative research on the five-story pagoda in Japan and the minaret in Iran.

In the morning, Dr. Hejazi exchanged information on the five-story pagoda and the minaret with Dr. Hiroyuki Tagawa, Associate Professor at MWU. Five-story pagodas in Japan have not been collapsed in the past earthquakes and one of the reasons for this is said to be due to the vibration-control by Shin-hashira, continuous column located at the center of the pagoda. Although actual Shin-hashira in the pagoda is not structural element, modern architectures such as Tokyo SkyTree have been designed with a clue from the Shin-hashirafs vibration-control concept. They agreed to advance collaborative research on the structure of the five-story pagoda and minaret in future.

In the afternoon, Dr. Hejazi participated in the final presentations of gSpace design with folded deployable structureh by the 2nd-year graduate students and gkindergarten designed with roof membrane and space frameh by the 1st-year graduate students as a member of jury. He commented to the former that gThe core of design was the use of the concept of eorigamif. The students had spent considerable amount of time from the first concept to the final one; it was apparent from their models. The result was fantastic. A light, rapidly deployable, and strong structure. Both architecture and structure were successfully combinedh. Also, he commented to the latter that gDifferent groups of students had come into different designs, but through a uniform concept; the variety was interesting. They had made a good combination of architecture and structure, although a few number of students needed more attention to the equilibrium of forces in the structure; something that usually takes time for architectural studentsh.

Dr. Hejazi was also surprised to see that the students worked earnestly on the design projects and also many faculties and instructors attended the presentations giving valuable comments to students. Again, he strongly wished to promote the exchange of faculties and students between MWU and the University of Isfahan.

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Discussing on folded deployable structure
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Commenting on studentfs design of gkindergarten with roof membrane and space frameh
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Commenting on studentfs design of gkindergarten with roof membrane and space frameh
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